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Infinity Alternatives investment solutions across risk horizon. Our Portfolios include a mix of  ETFs in low-cost, convenient, tailored managed accounts.


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Before it's  half decade of existence, Infinity Alternative's team of professionals have a demonstrated track record of creating benchmark products like ETFs' and managing top of the rung organisations.

The management team has worked with firms like AIG, PineBridge Investments, Bank of America, ANZ, Deutsche Bank, Motilal Oswal, Citibank, Kotak and IDFC, managing investment portfolios. 

Across investment cycles, the team has delivered returns, reflecting strong investment ethos


Our Portfolios

Asset Allocation Portfolios

  • Algorithm Driven Strategic Allocation

  • Geographies and Asset Classes
  • ETF based low cost efficient investments


Alpha Equity Portfolios

  • 12-15 high conviction ideas

  • Mid-cap focussed; high growth businesses available at reasonable valuations


Wealth Creator Series

  • Combination of large stable businesses and high growth mid / small companies

  • Select international equities exposure through India-listed ETF’s

For International Investors

  • US$ denominated Co-mingled Fund

  • Indian equities fund with <15 stocks Balance of large stable businesses and high growth mid/small cap businesses





Anubhav has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Most recently, he was heading the Passive business at Motilal Oswal Asset Management (MOAMC)  heading the Product Development  & Institutional  Business. Prior to MOAMC, he was “Head-Quantitative Finance” at Syntel Inc., responsible for quantitative analysis, model testing, pricing and valuation of OTC Derivatives, structured products and Risk Management. With his expertise in modelling, risk management,  and analytics Previously he has worked with global companies such as Reuters Plc, Deutsche Bank AG, ANZ  Bank and Dow Elanco. He also advises  regulators on systemic risk management.


Anubhav holds an MSc in Quantitative Finance from University of Westminster London, and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.


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